The Importance of Order Accuracy

August 15, 2013

Summary : You might be surprised to find the amount of steps in producing a custom embroidered garment can be quite numerous.

 By Vali Simpkins | Published : 2/15/2013

Uniforms are very important to any establishment, especially in a restaurant. Whether you are a 5 star fine dining restaurant or a friendly neighborhood bar, you want your kitchen, management and serving staff to represent your concept in a stylish fashion. Feeling stylish and comfortable makes any person perform top notch at their job.

All restaurants are branded by their dining concept and personalized logo. Chef Duds has a superior in-house embroidery service that makes us the specialists. However, if we do not get the information correct and the uniforms the way our customer wants them to look, we have not done our job.

To make sure the order is accurate, several things are needed from the customer. For example, where to send the uniforms as well as the name of the person handling the uniform program is needed. How much or how little the customer wants their logo to stand out on the garments, and the spelling of names to personalize the chef coats or garments. For a new establishment we need to know when you need your uniforms. Everyone has a deadline.

Logo set up for embroidery is done online to ensure that the color of thread used accurately matches the image for your concept. Most color options can be played out in the embroidery or the color of the garment itself.

Finally, the sizing and fit of the apparel needs to be accurate. We are all shaped and sized different. Chef Duds knows that different brands and styles of clothing vary. Sizing charts are available for every brand of uniforms we sell. Chef Duds can suggest different brands to meet the style of uniforms your restaurant is looking for.

You can be assured ordering uniforms from Chef Duds will be easy. We will ask all the questions to make sure you get it right the first time!

Size Chart

*All sizes indicated are pre-wash.