How Chef Duds is Leveraging the Cloud

August 14, 2013

Summary : At Chef Duds, they don't just manufacturer chef wear. As leaders in web technology, they ensure orders are fulfilled on time. Find out how Chef Duds is using new cloud technologies to take Chef Clothing into the future...

By Michael Figura | Published : 2/1/2013

Chef Duds has come a long way over the past two decades, refining their ability to customize chef garments to the most finite degree, and pioneering commercial kitchen happiness through a strict and rigid warehousing process. These business ethics have earned them a rock solid, repeat customer base, but the ongoing pursuit of perfection hasn’t stopped there. New technologies are now available that allow medium sized business like Chef Duds to implement an unprecedented level of business agility. Technologies like the Microsoft Office 365 Cloud are allowing the Chef Duds team to better react to customer demands and, more importantly, to better react to other colleagues within the office.

“Just yesterday we were performing a number of extremely manual steps to implement a sales fulfillment. From the initial customer call, to filling out tedious PO and invoicing processes, to properly conveying the creative direction to the digitizing team, and somehow managing to exceed our customer’s expectations when we loaded the box on the truck. Today, this process is quickly becoming fool-proof, thanks to today’s latest software” says President and CEO, Kim Bucher.

New cloud related technologies are allowing companies like Chef Duds to store all of their critical business data in a guaranteed-safe, offsite location in real-time. But it’s not just about the data. The business processes that surround this information are rapidly transforming, as well. And, when companies are able to connect the dots, this processes become revolutionary to the inner workings of the departments, as well as putting more smiles on their customers faces.

“It hasn’t been easy. Change is always scary. But storing my documents on the cloud, instead of my local drive hasn’t been earth-shattering. And being able to access my customer’s data anywhere at any time is simply radical in comparison to where we were just a few months ago” says Vali Simpkins, Director of Operations.

Chef Duds is proving that mixing cloud technologies together can be an easy and affordable way to keep up with their competition. Amazon, Windows Azure and Office 365 Online can all be merged together seamlessly to provide a process rich atmosphere for order fulfillment and customer relationships. And that focus on engagement and one-on-one CRM is providing the foundation for a new era in customized chef apparel.

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