Chef Wear Pattern Ultimate Pants 3500

From the manufacturer: "The perfect chef pants should combine the comfort of active-wear with the professional look that chefs want when interacting with customers and other restaurant employees. Enter the Ultimate Chef Pant by Chefwear. Available with a chalk-stripe design, these pants offer a relaxed fit similar to our Baggy Pants but with a slightly slimmer cut at the hips and a wider ankle to create a more structured silhouette."

"Constructed of lightweight six-ounce cotton twill, our Ultimate Chef Pants can stand up to the busiest kitchens day after day while maintaining their deep blue color, crisp white stripes and incredible finishing qualities. A two-inch elastic waistband with a drawstring enclosure ensures that pants fit comfortably and securely. Two side pockets and two deep back pockets provide convenient, discreet storage."

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*All sizes indicated are pre-wash.